Stephanie Morgan, PT

As a physical therapist I think the Amp-U-Fitness™ Walking Clinics are excellent for people at all different stages of rehabilitation!”  -  Stephanie Morgan, PT

AJ Digby

AJ Digby

AJ Digby – Bilateral Below Knee Amputation

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Claudia McCoy

Claudia McCoy

I have been a patient at Perry Prosthetics for over three years now and I can truly say he goes over and above the call of duty when it comes to his patients.” – Claudia McCoy, Above Knee Amputation

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Jonathan Perry

I lost my leg… I feel better about myself than I did before!”  Jonathan Perry – Below Knee Amputation – See his story here.

Dr. Sydney Fernandes

My goal is to get back to my practice so that I can take care of my patients again.” – Dr. Sydney Fernandes – Above Knee Amputation.